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Fresh frozen food is a natural, organic product that contains life. This life has its origin in not heating our meat-based ingredients during our production process. Because we do not heat these ingredients, the quality of our raw meat is extremely important. Day in, day out, we do our utmost to purchase our ingredients locally as much as possible, from suppliers with whom we have a good relationship and in whom we have confidence. Only in this way can we guarantee the quality of our end products.

And this non-heating has numerous benefits for dogs. It ensures that our diet is packed with natural vitamins and that our proteins are not denatured. Moreover, it makes our fresh-frozen food extremely tasty for your four-legged friend, without having to add flavor enhancers. It also offers owners the opportunity to see what is really in the diet.

In addition, unheated meat contains germs (like all raw meat, including that for human consumption). A large number of those germs promote the intestinal flora of your dog, as confirmed in 2017 by an academic paper from the University of Udine . This increases the resistance of the dog and the nutrients in the diet can be better absorbed. These bacteria are not pathogenic for healthy animals. In people, especially young children, the elderly and people with less resistance, these bacteria can lead to problems. It is therefore appropriate to take the necessary precautions, just as with raw meat for human consumption:

  • Always keep the cold chain intact after purchase; when returning home, put the food in the freezer as quickly as possible;
  • Always defrost the food in the refrigerator (approx. 12 hours) or in the oven (during 20 minutes at 40C in a fan-heated oven), never on the kitchen table;
  • Wash your hands before and after administering the diet;
  • Always clean the food bowl with disinfectant
  • Throw away any leftovers in the garbage bin;
  • Never let your dog lick your face after he or she has eaten;
  • Always pick up droppings with a glove;
  • Keep small children away from raw food;
They are obvious actions when we deal with raw meat for human consumption, and so they apply equally to our animal feed. However, if you wish to kill all pathogenic germs, it is advisable to heat the food to the core above 65 C, and this for at least 1 minute, preferably in the oven. If you opt for heating, you will lose some of the benefits associated with raw feeding, but it is still a lot better than solely feeding your dog with nutritionally inferior feed that has been processed under high pressure and temperatures above 200 C.
In case you have additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us via info@wolfsmenu.com.

(1) SANDRI M. etal, Raw meat based diet influences faecal microbiome and end products of fermentation in healthy dogs, BMC Veterinary Research, 2017