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Wolf’s Menu® is prepared by butchers, people who have been trained to work with real meat and who are skilled to do so. When they make Wolf’s Menu®, they start from real muscle meat and select high-quality organs such as heart, liver, tongue, etc. In some diets, they add beef stomach. They combine these ingredients with high quality vegetables and fruits, the same as those you and I buy in the supermarket. Eventually, our butchers add minerals and vitamins to make sure the menus are complete, meaning in accordance with FEDIAF and NRC guidelines.

Our butchers do not use cheap offal (e.g. bones, necks, feathers), nor cheap fillers (e.g. wheat, corn). Our diets contain purified chalk as a calcium source, no (chicken / turkey) bones. We believe bones are dangerous, as they can lead to oesophagus / stomach perforations and, even more important, an inadequate calcium intake. This is especially problematic with puppies. Wolf’s Menu® is made in the sole factory in Belgium, and one of the few in Europe, owning a FCA label, guaranteeing the highest quality from ingredient selection, over production, to delivery of products.

This is the way we work, because we believe your dog deserves the same high quality food as yourself – that’s what our butchers guarantee, day after day.